Download Our Free Church Web App!
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Here's how:

Since you are already on our website you are almost finished.

On an Apple Device:

1.  On an Apple Device - Click on the "share" tab.  This will be a little box at the bottom of your screen with an up arrow.
2.  After clicking on the share icon, scroll down and find the "Add to Home Screen" 

3.  Click on the "Add to Home Screen" and you're almost done. 
4.  Then say "Yes" to notifications twice. 
5.  Congratulations you are finished. 

On an Android Device:

1.  Look for the "down arrow" or the word "download" at the top of your screen.
2.  Click on the down arrow or the word download.
3.  Say "Yes" to notifications.
4.  Congratulations you're finished. 

*If you have any difficulties or have any questions please contact us.